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  1. Thank you for dealing with my recent correspondence at the May Meeting, although I was not at the meeting, I see from the notice board that the complaint I raised about British Telecom Broadband service, is now being 1st referred to PCC (Peterborough City Council?) Let’s hope that some improvements take place!

    Meanwhile, I notice in the last couple of days there have been BT engineers working around Deeping Gate. My Broadband service (along Riverside) has been variable, from a speed of 3mbps early this morning, NOT good, (7.30am. 5/6/18) to 34mbps ten mins ago. (actually the best yet!) What is going on?? [using ]

    Finally, would it be an idea to have some more information on the Deeping Gate website about download speeds in different parts of DG? and perhaps maybe volunteers, myself included, to keep watch on our Internet speeds? Perhaps others might have more ideas.

    • Hi Laurence,

      Welcome to the new Parish Council website and thank you for your comments. I will bring your final suggestion to the attention of the Parish Council at the meeting on 12th June. I think its a good idea.

      Please feel free to attend the meeting on Tuesday

      Lynn George
      Deeping Gate Parish Clerk

    • Good morning Lawrence. Despite sending a letter to BT back in May, we have had no response whatsoever from them. Really disappointing for us and bad customer service from them. I will try and follow this up and see what happens. Has anything improved with the internet in Deeping Gate. I live over the river in Deeping St James so don’t have the same problems.


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