held on Tuesday 11TH JUNE 2019
at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall
Present: Councillors J Hill P Thompson J Lill G Purllant
107/19 APOLOGIES : L George (Clerk) S Hudspeth N Kerr
108/19 OPEN FORUM there were no members of the public present.
111/19 MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 14TH MAY 2019 Agreed and signed.
a. Street Light on Suttons Lane Clerk had spoken to Darren Deadman of Peterborough City Council
(PCC) who advised they only have funding to maintain existing street lights. There is no statutory
obligation to install new ones.
b. Village Gate Clerk has sent emails to Clerk of Barnack Parish Council to enquire about the cost of
their village gate and source, but to date has had no reply.
c. Muddy Verges on East End of Suttons Lane Clerk had been advised by PCC that it was not cost
effective to form a connection to the existing drainage ditch from the muddy areas where rainwater
collects. Top soil has been added to raise the verge, but this has now been washed away. PCC intends
to add more topsoil. Members present considered this to be unsatisfactory.
d. Change of Bank Clerk has passed information concerning the Unity Bank to Chairman and Vicechairman for future comment.
e. Speeding Clerk contacted PCC again on 17 May 2019 by telephone and left a message for P. Tebbs
asking for a call back. No reply has been received. Chairman asked the members to note that she had
also sent an e-mail on 16 March 2019 requesting an update/action following the meeting of 8 June
2018 – again no response has been received.
f. Trimming of bushes and trees on Deeping St James Road near traffic calming island Clerk had
telephoned M. Benn who advised that he would chase Amey to cut back the trees obscuring the
street light. Asked about repainting the curb surrounding the traffic island, he said he would find out
who dealt with such issues and forward our request of 17 May 2019. To date we have had no
g. Flexible reflective posts on Peakirk Road No response to date.
h. Adverse camber on pavement along Deeping St James Road Clerk sent a further email to M. Benn
on 17 May 2019 asking for the remainder of the footpath to be repaired. No response to date.
The members present wished to record their dismay that that notwithstanding considerable numbers of
telephone calls and e-mails, some concerning issues that have been ongoing over extended periods of time,
there are many instances where we have not received even a simple acknowledgment. The lack of responses
makes it very difficult for us to deal with residents’concerns and adds to their frustration.
113/19 CORRESPONDENCE Chairman had received correspondence from a resident concerning inconsiderate
parking and vehicles causing an obstruction to and damage to the footpath adjacent to bridge. The matters
have been brought to the attention of police and PCC. Police made a visit, but at that time vehicles were not
causing an obstruction, therefore suggested that future incidents are reported directly by residents to the
police via telephone on 101 or on-line; this will ensure a log is kept of these instances and more timely visits
may be possible.
114/19 FINANCE
a. Data Protection fee to Information Commissioner’s Office – Completion of the on-line assessment
showed that DGPC is under no obligation to pay a fee but that may consider doing so provides useful
protection. Members agree that fee should be paid.
115/19 PLANNING This Council meeting coincides with the meeting of Planning and Environmental Protection
Committee in PCC Council Chamber.
a. Overgrowth of vegetation on footpath between 79 and 109 Riverside A complaint had been
received concerning the state of the footpath between 79 and 109 Riverside. Clerk to be asked to
enquire if Community Payback could again be utilised to clear the area as last year.
b. Village Sign – It was agreed that replacement of the sign using more durable materials but in the
form of the existing should be planned for later in the year as there is no immediate safety concern.
c. Filling of Casual Vacancy Clerk has this in hand.
d. Deeping St James Road parking Dealt with under item 113/19 above.
a. Bench – a photograph of a commemorative bench installed in Broad Street, Stamford was shown.
This bench depicts all three branches of the armed services. Members present considered that this
would be an eminently suitable memorial to be placed in Deeping Gate. Further discussions was
deferred until the next meeting when details will be circulated to Members.
b. Overgrown hedge – a hedge is overgrowing the carriageway at the blind bend on Suttons Lane,
opposite Mumby’s depot. As a result, vehicles travelling eastwards have to cross to the opposite
side of the road at this dangerous bend. Clerk to be asked to contact PCC to arrange remedial
c. Land south east of Deeping St James Road / Peakirk Road / Suttons Lane cross roads – this small
area where daffodil bulbs had previously planted by DGPC is becoming overgrown with brambles. It
is suggested that this area be further enhanced by spraying to kill the brambles and planting with
low maintenance ground cover shrubs. This was agreed by members present.
d. Meeting dates – meeting dates for the calendar year 2020 have been booked for the meeting room,
and these will be at 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month excluding February and August.
The meeting ended at 8.20 pm. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 9th July 2019 at Northborough
and Deeping Gate Village Hall.

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