Minutes 23 January 2018

Minutes of Deeping Gate Parish Council Meeting  held on Tuesday 23 January 2018 at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall

Present:                 Councillors                      J Hill (Chair)                                Phil Thompson (Vice Chair)                Janet Lill                                                                                                           Sandra Hudspeth       Geoff Purllant                                       Nicola Kerr

  1. APOLOGIES : Carol Fuller                 
  2. A member of the parish raised concerns about planning application 17/02408/FUL (1 Riverside). The original planning application was for a 3-bedroom dwelling but the above application is now for a 4-bedroomed dwelling.  The parishioner said he thought there would be issues with parking (i.e. obstruction of the road).  Cllr Kerr stated that for a 3 bedroom or 4-bedroom dwelling parking must be provided for 2 cars.  After lengthy discussion it was suggested that the member of the public should contact Cllr Peter Hiller and Cllr Holdich with his concerns.  Should the former wish to object to the planning application it should be done before the deadline.
  1. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 14TH NOVEMBER 2017 Minutes signed and approved.
  3. Riverside Footpath Letter received on 18 January 2018 from a resident of Riverside, Deeping Gate regarding state of towpath.  It stated that as a result of leaves from overgrown vegetation on the footpath, her young daughter had slipped and fallen on her way to school.  Chair stated she had sent a reply resident.  Clerk to forward both items of correspondence to Cllrs Holdich and Hiller.  It was also noted that some of the streetlights are not working and that there is no wheelchair access along this path.
  4. Litter Bins No reply had been received to the clerk’s email of 18/12/17.  Clerk to chase up.
  5. Speeding on Deeping St James Road Clerk reported that she had sent an email dated 18/12/17 to the Road Safety Officer but to date no response had been received.  Clerk to chase up
  6. Email to Environment Agency Chair said that she had sent emails to Rhiannon Swindale in Northampton with photos showing parking on flood bank on 20/07/17, 14/10/17 and 15/12/17 and had left a voice message on 23/01/18 but at the time of the meeting no reply had been forthcoming.  Clerk to ring Environment Agency (01604 702461).
  7. Repair to footpath on Deeping St James Road Clerk reported that repairs had been completed to a section of the footpath on the Deeping St James Road to correct the adverse camber.  Chair said that, although not officially reported, on another section of footpath a resident on a mobility scooter had fallen off the footpath and into a bush in front of the ditch due to the camber of the footpath.
  8. 12/12/17 Minutes (8d) Cllr Thompson stated he had received a quote for setting up a parish council website.  It was decided by all that a gov.uk address would be set up for extra security.  Only the Clerk’s email address would be published on the website.  Cllr Thompson to arrange for website installation and training.
  9. CORRESPONDENCE Letter received from parish resident as 4a above.  Clerk to send letter and reply from Chair to Cllrs Hiller an Holdich and contact PCC and Environment Agency.   
    1. 17/02015/FUL No objections
    2. 17/02382/FUL No objections
    3. 17/02408/FUL as discussed at 2a. above.  Clerk was asked to submit concerns to Planning Department regarding current and proposed parking arrangements and the existing state of the highway and how the proposed planning application may affect it further.  Also, to ask if any remedial work had been planned to this road.
    1. Street Lighting Cllr Hudspeth reported that Streetlight PCC15 on Riverside needs repair, along with PCC29 on Lincoln Road and a new streetlight (no number) opposite 19 Peakirk Road.  Clerk to contact appropriate department for repairs.
    2. Meeting with Northborough Village Council Chair and Vice Chair were invited to attend to discuss proposals to landscape land outside the Village Hall and to install adult outdoor fitness equipment in the playing field.  This would only go ahead with the backing of the residents and the plans made available to the public.  Cllr Thompson said that Deeping Gate Parish Council could support the idea as long as it was within the interests of the residents of our Parish.  A meeting is to be held on Saturday 17th March at which residents may view the proposals.
    3. Rotary Club of the Deepings Cllr Hill advised that the Rotary Club would like to purchase something in memory of local resident Tony Martin (deceased).  Mrs Martin had suggested a bench and for it to be sited near the Parish Information Board on Riverside.  The Councillors approved the decision in principle but would require details of the proposed design and siting before committing.  Once details were received, the residents of Fairfax House would be informed.  Clerk to arrange inclusion of bench on asset register and insurance policy when in place.
    1. Village Tribune Chair asked that any items of interest for inclusion in the Tribune should be submitted to her prior to 16 February 2018.
    2. Speeds Signs the 40MPH speed sign between Maxey House, Lincoln Road and Market Deeping needs to be repaired.  Clerk to action
    3. Invitation to PCSO Chair suggested that a further invitation is extended to Michael Courtney-Hunt to attend a Parish Council meeting.   Clerk to arrange.
    4. Spring Litter Pick Notice of Spring Litter Pick to be put on Parish Noticeboards and social media page.
    5. No Through Road Sign Lincoln Road Cllr Thompson reported illuminated “No Through Road” sign is not working.  Clerk to contact PCC.
    6. Aidan Patrick Fogarty Trust Discussion took place re bench to be purchased using finance from the Aidan Patrick Fogarty Trust and the possible siting of it.  It was suggested that it could be placed inside the bus shelter near Maxey House, Lincoln Road.  Clerk to enquire with PCC if this would be admissible.
    7. New Starting Time for Parish Council Meetings Cllr Kerr requested that meetings should start at 7.00pm rather than 7.30pm. No decision taken.
    8. Christmas Sing Along a number of possible improvements to the way we organise this event in future. Planning will take place later in the year. She also suggested attending other Parish Councils’ Christmas Carol events for ideas.
    9. .
    10. Fly Tipping Clerk informed Council of fly tipping in field on Lincoln Road near Maxey House.  Clerk to contact PCC for removal.
    11. Archiving of Parish records Clerk informed Council that old parish records had been taken to the Archive Department of Peterborough Central Library.  A donation had been requested to cover the cost of storage boxes.  Councillors agreed a donation of £25 would be made.
    12. Parking on Suttons Lane Residents have now received letters inviting opinions on the inclusion of double yellow lines at the end of Suttons Lane and junction of Lincoln Road.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm.  Next meeting will take place on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall.