Minutes 14th November 2017

Minutes of Deeping Gate Parish Council Meeting  held on Tuesday 14th November 2017  at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall

 Present:                 Councillors            Jane Hill (Chairman)

Phil Thompson (Vice Chairman)

Sandra Hudspeth

Nicola Kerr

Carol Fuller

Absent:                                                  Geoff Purllant


  1. APOLOGIES :                        Janet Lill, Lynn George (Clerk)


  1. OPEN FORUM FOR QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC. No members of the public in attendance.


  1. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 10 OCTOBER 2017 Minutes signed and approved.


    1. Tow Path to the Meadows [Oct – 4.c] Clerk has received e-mail 18th October 2017 from Andy Tatt (Peterborough Highway Services) advising that this path may be the responsibility of Environment Agency and he has asked Martin Benn to update us. Update still awaited..
    2. Speed Signs [Oct – 4.f] Interactive sign on Maxey Road is now working but speed limit repeater sign between Castle End Road and Market Deeping has not been reinstated.
    3. Litter Bins [Oct – 4.g] Other large replacement bins still awaited.
    4. Footbridge [Oct – 9b] A patch repair has been carried out to the footbridge decking.


  1. CORRESPONDENCE Residents at the west end of Sutton’s Lane have received from Peterborough City Council a letter and plan showing proposed changes to parking restrictions at this end of Suttons Lane with a closing date for comments of 9th November 2017.
  2. PLANNING The role of our planning officer was reviewed.  Agreed that future procedure will be that Clerk will forward all notices of applications to planning officer (Cllr Fuller) who will distribute to councillors as advance notice for discussion at next council meeting.  If the closing date for any application falls before next council meeting, Cllr Fuller will request comments to her by an appropriate date to enable response to be made to PCC.


    1. Cheque issued for purchase of publication “Local Councils Explained” from NALC (£19.99).
    2. Final salary payment to Cllr Hudspeth in her former role as clerk has been made.
    3. Cheque issued for payment to Taxtastic (£75.00).
    4. Cheque issued for reimbursement of clerk’s expenses in respect of consumables (£14.75).
    5. Cheque issued for reimbursement of Cllr Thompson’s expenses for work by Affordable PC Solutions in connection with clerk’s printer( £40.00).


    1. Tribune Entry Cllr Hill reported that there would be a charge of £125.00 per four issues to include contact details of councillors and clerk within a box in the Tribune.  Agreed that this cost was not justifiable and Cllr Hill will enquire of other local parish councils what arrangements and costs they have.
    2. Speeding Cllr Fuller reported further instances of speeding on Deeping St James Road.  This matter will be placed on the agenda for our next meeting for discussion of possible remediation.
    3. Street Lighting Cllr Thompson had reported to PCC by email via PCC website on 12th October 2017 that 4 street lights and 1 illuminated traffic sign not working in the area of the Lincoln Road/ Maxey Road junction.  Action was chased by further email on 20th October and subsequently by Clerk who pointed out the recent incidence of burgleries.  To date no action has been taken by PCC.
    4. Sing-a-Long Invites To be completed in next few days.
    5. Footway repairs DSJ Road Now scheduled to take place between 11th and 20th December (dates corrected by PCC post-meeting).
    6. Temporary road works signs Clerk asked to contact Highways to arrange removal of the signs that appear to have been abandoned at Suttons Lane/ DSJ Road.


    1. Council had received a report of a collision of a motor vehicle with one of the Bell bollards on the approach to the stone bridge.  No details were available.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm.  Next meeting will take place on Tuesday 12th December 2017

at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall.