Approved Minutes of 13th November 2018



Held on Tuesday 13th November 2018

At Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall


Present:               Clerk – L George                Chair – Jane Hill               Vicechair – P Thompson

                                Cllr C Fuller                        Cllr S Hudspeth

                                Cllr G Purllant                  

 Chairman’s welcome 

  Apologies           N Kerr and J Lill

048/18  Open Forum       Two members of the public attended.  One resident expressed her disappointment that Deeping Gate Parish Council had not arranged anything to commemorate Armistice Day this year.   Councillors apologised for this but pointed out that our Parish has no geographical focal point, although members had joined with the Deepings in the opening ceremony of the Remembrance Gardens. It was suggested that something would be done by the Parish Council next year to commemorate the fallen and this was agreed.

049/19  Declarations of Interest                None

050/18  Minutes from previous meeting held on 9th October 2018             Approved and signed

051/18  Clerk’s Update 

  1. Village Sign Repair -Clerk stated that she had contacted 3 businesses and asked them to quote for the repainting of the sign. She reported that she had now had 2 quotes from the businesses she had contacted. Vice Chairman will inspect the village sign. Cllrs suggested that discussion would continue at next month’s meeting as to whether have the sign replaced or repaired.
  2. Funding for further work on footpath/cycle path on Deeping St James Road – Clerk reported that she had received an email from Martin Benn stating his Department does not have any available funding to do these works as they are currently on emergency works only. As this would be improvement works and not maintenance this would be down to Peterborough City Council to decide if they are going to continue with the trial scheme they started 12months ago.

052/18  Correspondence  Letter from Barclays Bank asking for updated information passed to Chair for completion.

053/18  Planning  – 18/01864/HHFUL 38 Deeping St James Road, Northborough Proposed first floor ext above existing footprint, convert ext porch to int porch and uPVC window to front – no objections

054/18  Finance

SLLC ARNOLD-BAKER GUIDE 100453  £       108.79
CURRYS/PC WORLD Consumables 100454  £          29.98
MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL SLCC 100455  £          59.00

055/18  Community Issues

  1. Village Gate Cllr Hudspeth enquired about the purchase of village “gates” referring to some she had seen in Marholm.  Clerk was asked to get a quote for this and report back at next meeting
  2. Christmas Sing-Along 16th December 2018 Chair reported that preparations are going well.  She asked for volunteers to help on the night and Cllrs Thompson, Hudspeth and Fuller along with the Clerk said they would help out on the day.
  3. Autumn Litter Pick 18th November 2018 Litter pickers, rubbish bags, hoops and hi-viz jackets will be provided to volunteers.  Volunteers will be asked to log in at the start and to log back out when they have completed their litter pick.  A risk assessment report will be compiled prior to the day.
  4. A resident had complained about the 30MPH sign on Deeping St James Road not being in the correct place. Clerk was asked to contact PCC to have this put right.
  5. Resilience Plan Cllr Thompson said that a meeting is to take place at Market Deeping Town Hall at which he will be attending.

056/18  Village Matters

  1. It was reported that car tyres had been thrown on to the verges along the Peakirk Road from Deeping Gate to Peakirk and onwards to Newborough. Clerk was asked to contact PCC to have these removed.

The meeting closed at 08.40pm

Date of Next meeting    11th December 2018



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