Minutes of Meeting 10th July 2018



held on Tuesday 10th July 2018  at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall  

Present:                 Councillors                      J Hill (Chair)                Phil Thompson (Vice Chair)                                                                                                                          Sandra Hudspeth       Geoff Purllant

Nicola Kerr                  Carol Fuller                 Lynn George (Clerk)

020/18  APOLOGIES :  Janet Lill      


022/18  MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 12th JUNE 2018   Minutes signed and approved.


  • Village Tribune Chair stated that she had submitted an entry to the Village Tribune detailing councillors’ contact details, new Parish website address, clerk’s new email address, information about self-adhesive speeding stickers to go on residents’ bins and thanks for those assisting with the litter pick.  Unfortunately, this was not printed in this month’s edition despite being submitted before the deadline.  These details will be submitted to the Village Tribune again.
  • Drainage in Suttons Lane Kerbs have been installed at the west end of Suttons Lane. It was unknown whether this was to deal with the lack of drainage causing muddy and dangerous conditions in wet weather.  Clerk stated that she had received an email from Craig Campbell of PCC stating that the problem would be revisited later in the year when the weather became inclement.
  • Email received from Resident re Parking on Lincoln Road Clerk stated she had received an email from a resident complaining about commercial vans parking on the verge along Lincoln Road and that this was causing a visual obstruction.  Chair reported that she had a written a note to the householder where the vans were located explaining the situation.  The householder rang the Chair to say that she had spoken to the workmen telling them not to park on the verges when undertaking work at her house.
  • Visit from PCSO Michael Courtney-Hunt has agreed to attend the Parish meeting to be held on 11th  Councillors were asked to consider points for discussion and email them to the Clerk prior to the meeting.
  • Footpath/Cycle Path on Deeping St James Road Although some resurfacing and repair work has been done on a short stretch of this path, it was agreed that more works needs to be done.  Clerk was asked to contact Craig Campbell of PCC and contact made with John Holdich and Peter Hiller to ask whether funding would be available for this.  Chair to provide historic emails to Clerk.


  • Chair stated that she had signed and delivered documents to new accountants, Bulley Davey and Co of Spalding, authorising the company to work on Parish Council’s behalf.
  • Email received from Tracey Hollis, Raft Race Secretary re parking issues in Deeping Gate.  Clerk replied that she had forwarded email to the Chair who emailed Tracey but received no response.

025/18    PLANNING

  • 17/02408/FUL Planning for 1 two-storey dwelling beside 1 Riverside – authorised
  • 18/00890/HHFUL 25a Suttons Lane – single storey, double pitched roof garage with loft storage – no objections
  • 18/01098/CTR 55 Riverside – fell willow tree – no objections

026/18     FINANCE

  • Payment of Clerk’s annual wages
  • Reimbursement to Clerk for purchase of ink cartridges £31.9
  • Reimbursement to Cllr Thompson for purchase of 5 litter pickers £71.40


  • Trees Chair reported that a resident had approached her regarding a large tree branch that had fallen from a tree bordering Suttons Lane.  The tree is on private land.  Liam Vincent, Amey Tree Services said the tree has been looked at and work has been carried out by Highways Department of PCC who have powers to insist that the owner of the tree takes responsibility if it is a danger to the public.


  • Cllr Purllant reported that he had discovered that the concrete blocks on “old” Lincoln Road were going to be removed. He spoke (on his own behalf rather than the Parish council’s) to the workmen and asked them to leave them in place.  Cllr Purllant suggested that the Parish Council write to the Highways Department of PCC to formally ask them to leave the concrete blocks in place to deter unauthorised parking of vehicles on this road.  It was felt that the existing gates are not a sufficient enough deterrent.  Copies of the correspondence would be sent to Cllrs Hiller and Holdich.
  • Parish Council Website Councillors were asked to subscribe to the website.  It was suggested that information about clubs and events at the village hall could also be included on the website.
  • Election of Councillors Parish Council Elections will take place in 2019.
  • Damage to wall on Riverside Clerk reported that she had unofficially been told of the damage to an elderly lady’s property.  Clerk was asked to contact Sylvia Radouani for details of PCC’s handyman service.
  • Autumn Litter Pick This will take place on Sunday 18th November 2018 commencing at 10.00am.   Cllr Kerr said that she knew of a resident who voluntarily picks up litter on a regular basis in the parish.  Chair suggested an email of thanks be sent to him. 
  • Litter Bins  In response to Cllr Hudspeth’s query, Clerk confirmed that it is still James Collinridge’s intention to supply larger, lidded bins for Suttons Lane and Black Gate

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.

Next meeting will take place on Tuesday 11th September 2018 at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall.