Minutes 25th July 2017

Minutes of Deeping Gate Parish Council Meeting  Held on Tuesday 25th July 2017  at the Deepings Community Centre, Douglas Rd, Market Deeping


Present:                 Councillors            Jane Hill (Chairman)

Phil Thompson (Vice Chairman)

Carol Fuller

Sandra Hudspeth

Geoff Purllant


                Parish Clerk          Lynn George


  1. APOLOGIES :                 Nicola Kerr

Janet Lill

  1. OPEN FORUM FOR QUESTIONS BY THE PUBLIC: Member of the public reported 30MPH sign on Maxey Road not working correctly.  Andy Tatt to be informed.
  2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes of meeting held on 13th June 2017 approved and signed.
    1. Footpaths Cllr Thompson contacted Public Rights of Way Officer (cc to Ramblers Association) Path has now been cut and cleared.  
    2. Fly Tipping ID 130 Name: Deeping Gate 1 Section 1. Reported and awaiting response from Ian Tobin (PCC).  Contact to be made to find out what progress has been made.
    3. Invasive Vegetation Cllr Thompson has contacted relevant agencies to advise. Ian Tobin (PCC) has been informed.  Query of progress to be made.
    4. Bank Mandate Documents now received by J Hill.  Signatories to remain until documents completed and administered by Barclays Bank.
    5. Training Sessions Cllrs to liaise with Parish Clerk re booking training sessions.
    6. Notification of change to Parish Clerk Cllr Hudspeth to notify all relevant contacts that she is no longer Parish Clerk and pass on contact details of new Parish Clerk.
  4. PLANNING: Notification 17/01271/CTR received re felling of 2 Cherry Trees.  No objections raised.
    1. Ward/Parish Council 14th November 2017
  6. FINANCE: Reimbursements to be made to Cllr Thompson and Parish Clerk for purchase of IT equipment.
    1. Photographs have been sent to Environment Agency with regard to parking on river banks in Deeping Gate Parish. Clerk to notify Deeping St James Parish Clerk re problem in that Parish.
    2. 2 lamp posts have now been removed and replacement to be connected.
    3. Party in the Park to take place on Northborough Parish on 17 September 2017.
    1. Trees on Riverbank Trees have been found to be safe and are checked annually.  Posters will be circulated showing inspection dates so that areas can be left clear to facilitate annual inspection.
    2. Deeping St James Road unsafe camber Footpath has been inspected and a schedule for necessary works to improve surface quality shows work will be done in Autumn 2017.
    3. Parish Litter Pick This will take place on Sunday 10th September 2017. Posters will be displayed on Parish Noticeboards.


Meeting closed at 8.45pm.


Next meeting will take place on Tuesday 12th September at the Deepings Community Centre.