Minutes 12th December 2017

Minutes of Deeping Gate Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12th December 2017 at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall

Present:                 Councillors           Jane Hill (Chairperson)

Phil Thompson (Vice Chairperson)

Sandra Hudspeth

Geoff Purllant

Carol Fuller

Janet Lill

Lynn George (Parish Clerk)

  1. APOLOGIES :                        Nicola Kerr


  2. A member of the Parish expressed concern about parking vehicles near Fairfax Way on the riverbank.  Chair said that an email had been sent to the Environment Agency regarding this but there had been no response.  Chair to follow up.
  3. Mr S Youngman (resident of the Parish) expressed concern regarding speeding on Suttons Lane. Suggested that 30mph speed limit should be made aware to motorists.  Clerk to contact PCC.
  1. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 14TH NOVEMBER 2017 Minutes signed and approved.
    1. Tow Path to the Meadows (Oct – 4.c)  .  An email had been received from PCC but with an incorrect map of the area.  Vegetation needs to be cut back from 75 Riverside to 109 Riverside (PE6 9AR).  Clerk to contact Martin Benn of PCC.
    2. Speed Signs [Oct – 4.f] All signs have now been repaired or reinstated.
    3. Litter Bins [Oct – 4.g] Other large replacement bins still awaited.  Clerk to follow this up with PCC
    4. Speeding on Deeping St James Road, Deeping Gate Cllr Fuller had had her car run into due to speeding on this road.  Both the bend on Deeping St James Road and that on Peakirk Road are black spots.  Clerk to contact PCC requesting a visit from the Road Safety Officer to see what could be done.
  1. CORRESPONDENCE No matters arising
  1. PLANNING  17/02146/HHFUL  Proposal: Proposed single storey side and rear extensions  97 Lincoln Road Deeping Gate Peterborough PE6 9BB    Applicant: Mr & Mrs Darley.  No objections raised.
    1. Aidan Patrick Fogarty Trust. Monies from the Trust had, over the past few years, been used to fund the Parish Christmas Sing Along.  Cllr Hudspeth suggested that a commemorative bench (or similar) be purchased with funds from the Trust in memory of Aidan Patrick Fogarty.  Discussion between Cllrs took place and this will be discussed further at the next Parish Meeting (23 January 2018)
    2. SLCC membership – cheque issued in the sum of £60
    3. Budget 2018/19. Spreadsheet issued to all Cllrs.  External audit fee of £200 was queried and Clerk will check whether Deeping Gate Parish is exempt.
    1. Christmas Sing Along to be held on 17th December 2017. A vote of thanks was given to Isabella Smith for designing this year’s invitation. A small monetary gift has been given to Isabella.
    2. Maxey Relief in Need Charity The Cllrs were made aware of the existence of this Charity. Cllr Hill is one of 5 Trustees of this charity which provides relief to those who are resident in the prescribed area who are in need, hardship or distress.  Full details of the Charity can be found on the Charity Commission website.
    3. Litter Pick It was we decided to carry out our Litter Pick on Sunday 4th March, 2.00 p.m., to coincide with the Great British Spring Clean Over dates. Cllr Thompson registered us for this national event but we will be carrying this out independently rather than jointly with another parish.  Agreed too early to advertise but notices to be on Facebook and in noticeboards nearer the time.
    4. Parish Website Cllr Thompson discussed setting up of a Parish web site.  At the Cambs Local Council Conference there was an interesting presentation by one company in particular.   Agreed that Cllr Thompson would pursue this avenue.
  1. VILLAGE MATTERS No issues

Meeting closed at 9.05pm.  Next meeting will take place on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall.