Minutes 10th October 2017

Minutes of Deeping Gate Parish Council Meeting Held on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at the Deepings Community Centre, Douglas Rd, Market Deeping

Present:                 Councillors            Jane Hill (Chairman)

Phil Thompson (Vice Chairman)

Sandra Hudspeth

Nicola Kerr

Janet Lill

Geoff Purllant

                Parish Clerk          Lynn George

  1. APOLOGIES :                        Carol Fuller due to illness
  2. OPEN FORUM FOR QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC One member of public present. In answer to specific question Chair confirmed that correspondence to Ward Councillors is always addressed to Cllrs Peter Hiller and John Holdich.
  3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 12 SEPTEM BER 2017 Minutes signed and approved.
    1. Tribune Entries Recurring entry in the Tribune providing telephone numbers of the Councillors and telephone number and email of the Parish Clerk.
    2. Speeding on Peakirk Road D Clipston of PCC Highways Department has asked that information and photographs should be sent to her of damage to the bridge at Black Gates.  This is Crown Property.  It was suggested that a notice should be placed in the Tribune asking members of the public to inform the Council or Parish Clerk of any accidents that occur and, if possible, provide photographic evidence to create a dossier.  A speed survey was carried out on this road in 2013 but no further actions were taken.
    3. Tow Path to the Meadows   Complaints are still ongoing re the overgrown vegetation from 65 Riverside to the Meadow. The Clerk will send an email to the Environment Agency to establish the ownership of the embankment and to ask what action will be taken to have the overgrowth cut back. It is noted that this path is passable.
    4. Local Plan Cllr T reported on Peterborough City Council’s Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) Additional Sites suggestions at Further Draft Consultation June 2017.

Background – Peterborough Local Plan, Sites Evidence Report (December 2016) had included 3 sites within the parish, viz. DEG001H Land South of Sutton’s Lane (indicative no. of dwellings 15), DEG002H 75-79 Riverside (indicative no. of dwellings 10), and DEG003M Land at Market Deeping Bridge (indicative no. of dwellings 400). All 3 sites had been rejected in accordance with the assessment criteria, noting in relation to the site at the bridge, that this is an area low down in the Peterborough Settlement Hierarchy, adjacent to the urban area of Market Deeping and has therefore been assessed in this context.

This third site has now been reintroduced as DEG003U; exactly the same location and area but the indicative dwelling figure is now 720.  Additionally, site DEG004U has been included, described as Land at Market Deeping Bridge (extended) which extends from the river, infilling between the A15 (bypass) and B1524 Old Lincoln Road), extending south to the footpath and ditch in line with Bridgegate Lane, an area of 56.1 ha (approx. 139 acres) with a total indicative dwelling figure of 850.

In the Sites Evidence Report of December 2016, PCC stated that no dwellings are proposed for Small Villages or in the Countryside, as these are deemed less sustainable locations.  PCC’s own figures show that it has achieved and exceeded its own proposed allocation of residential allocations for Villages, but has a shortfall in ‘Urban Extensions to Peterborough and nearby large scale allocations’ although its own figures (para. 2.3.4 Table 3 contains a serious arithmetical error).

PCC’s timetable shows Consultation taking place in November.

  1. Christmas Sing-a-Long this will take place on Sunday 17th  Cllr Kerr will arrange for the invitations to be designed.  The invitations will be sent out at the beginning of December.  Cllrs Hill and Hudspeth will arrange for the erection of a Christmas tree.
  2. Speed Signs the automated 30MPH speed sign on Maxey Road constantly flashing.  The 40MPH repeater sign on Lincoln Road between Castle End Road and Market Deeping has fallen down.  The Clerk was asked to contact the appropriate department to have these repaired.
  3. Litter Bins A new litter bin has been positioned at the junction of Suttons Lane and Lincoln Road. Other large replacement bins still awaited.
  1. CORRESPONDENCE An invitation had been received to attend the opening and closing of the Remembrance Gardens.  Those councillors wishing to attend to let Candace Brent know.
  2. PLANNING C Ref: 17/01245/HHFUL  Demolition of existing brick garage
  3. Ref: 17/01663/TRE Fell one Horse Chestnut Tree of TPO 2004 11

Ref: 17/01934/CTR        Fell Apple Tree – Fairfax House, 31 Riverside
Cllr Fuller has requested that comments regarding planning applications be sent to her rather than the Parish Clerk.

    1. Reimbursement to the Clerk in relation to travel expenses incurred when attending training was made in the sum of £35.10p.
    2. Invoice for the hire of the room at the Deepings Community Centre in the sum of £80 paid
    1. Deepings Practice Voluntary Car Scheme Clerk to send e-mail to Deepings Practice stating that although this is a valuable service, the Parish Council has decided that it cannot fund this on a regular basis over forthcoming years.
    2. Cllr Hudspeth reported unsatisfactory state of footbridge adjacent to stone bridge. Clerk to report to Deeping St James Parish Council for action, this being their responsibility.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm.  Next meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th November at Northborough Village Hall.