Draft Minutes of 9th October



Held on Tuesday 9th October 2018

At Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall


Present:               Clerk – L George                Chair – Jane Hill               Vicechair – P Thompson

                                Cllr J Lill                               Cllr C Fuller                        Cllr S Hudspeth

                                Cllr G Purllant                    Cllr N Kerr 

Chairman’s welcome 

037/18  Apologies           None

038/18  Open Forum       Two members of the public attended.  One resident said that he had seen BT engineers in Suttons Lane and asked what work they were carrying out.  Chair replied that an email had been received some time ago saying that work would be carried out but no details were given of the exact nature of the work.

Second member of public raised question of a possible future application for residential development outside the village envelope.  He had been advised by others that he needed the support of Deeping Gate Parish Council to extend the village envelope.  It was explained that Deeping Gate Parish Council has no power to make such a change.  He was advised to seek advice from our Ward Councillors Holdich and Hiller and PCC Planning Department

039/19  Declarations of Interest                None

040/18  Minutes from previous meeting held on 11th September 2018    Approved and signed

041/18  Clerk’s Update 

  1. Village Sign Repair -Clerk stated that she had contacted 3 businesses and asked them to quote for the repainting of the sign. To date she had had only one reply.  Clerk to follow up.
  2. Repainting of road signs on Riverside and Suttons Lane – email sent to Judi Anderson of Highways Department, PCC asking for work to be carried out. No reply to date.
  3. Notice of Events at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall – clerk had posted the events on the parish Council Website.
  4. Funding for further work on footpath/cycle path on Deeping St James Road – email sent to Cllr John Holdich, Cllr P Hiller and Craig Campbell of PCC asking whether funding would be available to carry out further remedial work. No reply to date.

042/18  Correspondence              None

043/18  Planning  – Maxey House, Lincoln Road REF 17/02015/FUL   When the application was first made for the extension work the parish council had no objections as long as the finished buildings were in keeping with the existing property.  However, the current application is not in keeping. Clerk will forward DGPC’s response prior to the deadline of 25th October 2018.

044/18  Finance

  1. Reimbursement made to clerk for training travelling expenses and purchase of paper in the sum of £37.59
  2. Aiden Patrick Fogarty Trust Fund – Discussion took place about how some of this money should be spent to the benefit of the parish community. Suggestions included grit/salt bunkers in the village, a wheelchair accessible gate on the towpath at the end of Riverside, an additional village sign or “gates” at the entrance to the village on Peakirk Road.  The subject will be discussed more fully at the next parish council meeting.

045/18  Community Issues

  1. Overgrown Trees – Chair gave an update on safety issues previously raised. Some trees are obscuring the new streetlights but this is now in hand. Amey and PCC Highways are working together on this matter.
  2. 30MPH stickers for bins – Chair said it was disappointing that there had not been more requests for these. Although an item had been included in the Village Tribune it was suggested that Clerk advertise these on the noticeboards and website.
  3. Oil Theft Leaflets – These will be distributed to parish households by local army cadets.
  4. Neighbourhood Watch Leaflets – Chair distributed these and said that an area co-ordinator was required within the parish.
  5. Memorial Bench on Riverside – an invitation had been received from family members  inviting councillors to join them informally at the bench.
  6. Fifth Christmas Sing-Along to be held on Sunday 16th December at 4.00pm – the invitations will be designed and printed shortly.

046/18  Village Matters

  1. Disaster/Resilience Plan Review – Cllr Thompson had been contacted by Deeping St James Parish Council to confirm that Deeping Gate details were still correct. Advised Deeping St James that the former Flood Warden designated under this plan Deeping Gate for had died.  Cllr Thompson has responded to DSJ PC confirming the name of person that needs to be removed and the other named Warden will continue.
  2. Willow Tree on Riverside – Cllr Lill reported that this is due to be cut back on 12th October 2018. There are other trees which are interfering with the highway and she was unsure whether these were also scheduled to be done.  Clerk to contact Colin Last, Amey Tree Surveyor.
  3. Parish Conference 15th November – Chair asked Cllrs to let Clerk know if they intended to attend.
  4. Autumn Litter Pick on Sunday 18th November, 10.00am start – Clerk will produce a form for all volunteers to sign at the start of the litter pick.  Volunteers to log out by leaving message on Chairman’s home telephone.

The meeting closed at 08.35pm

Date of Next meeting    11th December 2018