Approved Minutes of 11th September 2018



held on Tuesday 11th September 2018  

at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall 

Present:     J Hill (Chair)     P Thompson (Vice Chair)         G Purrllant

J Lill                    C Fuller                                       N Kerr

Clerk – L George

029/18      Apologies         S Hudspeth – on holiday

030/18      Open Forum    A resident reported that he had see a van, bearing PCC logo, in Suttons Lane at around 7.10pm.  He thought this was rather late for a council employee to be working and wondered if this was bona fide. 

031/18       Minutes from previous meeting held on 10th July 2018   At 024/18 there should be an addition thus “(b)  email received by Clerk from Tracey Hollis, Raft Race Secretary re parking issues in Deeping Gate.  Clerk replied that she had forwarded the email to Chairman who emailed Tracey, but received no response.”  At 027/18 (a) it should read “…Liam Vincent, Amey Trees…. Worked carried out by Highways”.  At 028/18  “Parish Council elections will take place in 2019” and at 028/18 addition of € “In response to Cllr Hudspeth’s query, Clerk confirmed that it is still James Collingridges’ intention to supply larger, lidded bins for Suttons Lane and Black Gate”.  Once these amendments have been made they will be approved and signed.

032/18      Correspondence   An invitation has been received to attend the Opening and Closing of the Remembrance Gardens.  Cllrs were asked to respond personally.

033/18      Planning      Clerk reported that Cllr Fuller would be transferring the planning applications to the Clerk.  This was to assist the latter in her current training.   Clerk reported that 3 planning applications had been received and asked for any objections.  18/01195/FUL has already been dealt with by the council and no objections were raised to the other applications.  Responses to planning applications will now be sent from the Clerk’s government email address

034/18      Finance

 Clerk’s travel expenses for training              £27.26

Postage reimbursed to clerk                           £1.64

Membership of SLCC                                       £90.00

CAPALC CiLCA training                                  £300.00

Insurance                                                            £231.70

035/18     Community Issues

Visit from PCSO    Michael Courtney-Hunt and Robert Grey (Sector Sergeant) introduced themselves and gave some background into their work with the Peterborough City Council area.  They have responsibility for 26 villages including Deeping Gate.  Michael Courtney-Hunt went on to say that there had been some incidents recently involving rogue traders preying on vulnerable people (particularly those with dementia).  Rogue trader tells resident that work had been done previously and that money was owing when in fact no work had been carried out.  He went on to say that should this happen to anyone, they are advised to ring the police on 101 or, if they felt they were in any danger, 999.    PCSO said that if anyone felt intimidated or frightened they should always call 101 to report the incident (or 999 if more serious).  In this way, PCSOs were made aware of what was happening in the various areas they covered.

Michael Courtney-Hunt explained that the PCSOs work in conjunction with Trading Standards and pass information on to them about unlicensed traders.

The subject of speeding within the parish was raised.  Cllr Hill reported that Peter Tebbs from PCC Highways Dept had visited the parish and was aware of concerns.  PCSO said that a police speed-check could be set up.  This only required someone to    set up the equipment (no speed guns).

PCSO reminded Cllrs of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  He stated that he would obtain some leaflets about this and they would be displayed in Parish Noticeboards and parish website.

Resident present at the meeting asked the PCSO if he had any recommendations about CCTV equipment.  PCSO

replied that he could not make recommendations but that any footage obtained from CCTV was deemed valid.

Chair mentioned about the theft of oil from oil tanks. PCSO advised that oil tanks should be covered or in a locked receptacle and if possible, covered by security lights.  He will send leaflets regarding the security of oil tanks.

Cllr Thompson reported that he had received a scam email purportedly from DVLA stating that his car had not been taxed.

  1. Repainting of Village Sign Clerk to obtain quotes to have work done.
  2. Repainting of Street Signs Clerk to contact Highways Dept re repainting or replacing of signs for Suttons Lane and Riverside.
  3. CiLCA Training Clerk reported that she had applied to do this training.  Each Cllr was given a breakdown of the time that the training would take over the next 12 months and what was involved.
  4. Clerk asked that if any Cllr contacted PCC in respect of queries or work to be carried out, that she be notified.

036/18   Village Matters

  1. Cllr Kerr asked that the Christmas Sing-Along be included on the agenda for next month’s meeting. Clerk asked if that had previously been risked-assessed and was informed that it had.
  2. The Autumn Litter Pick will take place on 18th November 2018 at 10.00am. Poster to go on Noticeboards and website.
  3. Cllr Hill stated that she would deliver the remainder of the Parish Council flyers to the southern part of Lincoln Road and Ashfields.
  4. Events taking place at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall would be posted in the noticeboards and website.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm

Next meeting will take place on Tuesday 9th October 2018 at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall. 


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