Minutes of Meeting held on 9th April 2019




held on Tuesday 9th April 2019

at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall


Present:                 Councillors                      J Hill (Chair)                Phil Thompson (Vice Chair)         G Purllant                                                                       Sandra Hudspeth       Nicola Kerr                    Lynn George (Parish Clerk)



085/19  Chairman’s welcome


086/19  APOLOGIES :  Janet Lill


087/19  OPEN FORUM FOR QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC One resident attended.




089/19  MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 12th MARCH 2019   Approved and signed.



  1. Additional street lights on Suttons Lane. Clerk to contact PCC again when new financial year starts
  2. Additional Bin for Deeping St James Road and the end of Bridgegate Lane Email received from PCC stating that this has now been ordered. Clerk to ask that this is not situated beside the bench.
  3. Village Gate Clerk still to speak to Clerk at Marholm to establish how their village gates were acquired and what planning permission was required, if any. Also contact Highways Department of PCC and discuss.
  4. Village Sign Clerk to contact John Eley for cost of galvanised steel sign.  Once received, Clerk to contact Cllr P Hiller to discuss possible funding.
  5. Potholes on Suttons Lane  Clerk to again contact PCC
  6. Muddy Verges on East End of Suttons Lane Photographs were sent via email to PCC on 18th March 2019.  Clerk to follow up
  7. Change of Bank Clerk to contact Bainton Parish Clerk for information and review of their new bankers.
  8. Graffiti to Bus Stop and “Passing Place” on Suttons Lane An email was sent to PCC on 15th  Clerk to check whether this has now been removed.
  9. Speeding Following Peter Tebb’s (PCC) earlier visit,  Clerk to contact him again to see if anything can be done to reduce speeding.
  10. Litter Pick on 7th April 2019 It was generally felt that more litter was collected this time than in the Autumn.  It was also noticed, that although dog owners have been bagging their dog litter, unfortunately numerous bags were found where they had been thrown into ditches and bushes.  An office chair was found in a ditch on Lincoln road.  Clerk to contact PCC to have this removed.



  1. An email had been received from Cllr C Fuller tendering her resignation. Cllr Hill has replied thanking her for her past service on the Deeping Gate Parish Council and wishing her well.

092/19  FINANCE

  1. Cheque payment was made in reimbursement for ink cartridges in the sum of £29.00.


093/19  PLANNING

  1.  19/00094/LBC  A planning application for internal damp-proofing at 27 Riverside has been approved by PCC.



  1. Clerk to contact Highways Department again regarding the renewal of road signs for Fairfax Way and Suttons Lane. These are now barely legible and as such are a safety issue.
  2. Clerk to request PCC to have bushes and trees on Deeping St James Road near the traffic calming to be cut back and to have the kerb and base of traffic calming island to be repainted.
  3. Verge marker flexible posts need to be replaced on Peakirk Road. Of the original half a dozen, there is now only one remaining, others having been hit by vehicles.
  4. A resident from Fairfax Way, who helped at the Litter Pick, walked Peakirk Road from Black Gates bridge towards Peakirk and found that there is only one 30 mph sign on the verge on the left driving from Peakirk towards the little stone bridge.   The other on was actually found deep down in the ditch opposite the remaining 30 mph sign.



  1. Clerk to contact Shailesh Vara, Andy Tatt, Peter Hiller and John Holdich with regard to the steep camber on the footpath along Deeping St James Road. A small part of this had been fixed in 2018 but further worked is required as it stills poses a safety risk to pedestrians and walkers.
  2. Cllr Thompson commented on the Council Updates forwarded by the Clerk. Councillors are unable to open these.  Clerk to contact PCC to see whether these can be sent in a different format.
  3. Cllr Kerr suggested that an entry to be included in the Village Tribune highlighting Deeping Gate Bowls Club.
  4. Cllr Hill informed the council that a catalytic convertor had been stolen from a resident’s car and that a vehicle had been stolen in Deeping Gate.
  5. Unfortunately, some departments of PCC are using the Clerk’s old email address. Clerk to again  notify PCC of her new email address.


Meeting closed at 8.30pm.  Next meeting will be the Annual Parish Meeting and will take place on Tuesday  14th May 2019 at Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall.





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