Approved Minutes of 11th December 2018



Held on Tuesday 11th December 2018

At Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall


Present:               Clerk – L George                Chair – Jane Hill               Vicechair – P Thompson

                                Cllr C Fuller                        Cllr S Hudspeth                Cllr N Kerr

                                Cllr J Lill                                            

 Chairman’s welcome 

057/18  Apologies           Cllr G Purllant

058/18  Open Forum       One member of the public attended.  He commented that he felt Suttons Lane should be classified as a single track road (with passing places) as it is difficult for vehicles to pass one another.  There is also no footpath on some sections of the road which puts pedestrians at risk, especially at night as there is an insufficiency of street lights.  The resident suggested that at least another 5 lights were necessary.  Clerk was asked to contact PCC to ask about the spacing between streetlights and whether additional streetlights would be possible.

059/19  Declarations of Interest                None

060/18  Minutes from previous meeting held on 13th November 2018     Approved and signed

061/18  Clerk’s Update

  1. Clerk confirmed that she had sent an email to PCC regarding continuing work on the camber on the footpath along Deeping St James road.
  2. The 30MPH sign on the Deeping St James road has now been moved to the correct position.
  3. Tyres which had been discarded along the Peakirk Road have now been removed by PCC, apart from one which was on private land

062/18  Correspondence  Emailed received from Rev Mark-Aaron B Tisdale asking if he can attend a future meeting.  Invitation to be sent in the new year.

063/18  Planning  –  No planning applications were received

064/18  Finance

McAfee Security renewal 100457 £59.99

Draft budget has been prepared by Clerk.  To be copied to all councillors in advance of discussion at January meeting.

065/18  Community Issues

  1. Following the recent litter pick, it was suggested that an additional litter bin be placed on the footpath of the Deeping St James Road at the end of Bridgegate Lane. Clerk was asked to enquire of PCC whether this would be possible.
  2. After multiple complaints from residents, the Chair had spoken with Ward Councillor, Peter Hiller, regarding additional work to be carried out on the camber along the Deeping St James Road footpath. It is understood that there is no funding available in the current financial year, but Cllr Hiller had suggested that funding be applied for in the next financial year.
  3. Further volunteers are needed for the Christmas Sing Along on 16th Several people had offered their assistance to set up on the day.
  4. The Chair reported that a dog had attacked some sheep in a field alongside the Peakirk Road, Northborough. The incident has been reported to Peterborough Police.  Clerk to include the incident on the Parish Website asking any witnesses to contact Peterborough Police.
  5. Clerk was asked to follow up her email to PCC asking for permission to erect village “gate”.
  6. The subject of the village signpost will be included on the Agenda for January 2019.
  7. Resilience Plan – Cllr P Thompson gave an outline of the recent meeting he attended. Cllr Kerr volunteered her husband.  Clerk was asked to send minutes of the meeting to the Councillors.

066/18    Village Matters

  1. Clerk was asked to reply to Deeping St James Parish Clerk informing her of who would be going to the Walnut Tree on 20th December 2018.
  2. Cllr Thompson said that he still required details from 3 of the councillors to pass on to Barclays Bank. He was told this would be done.
  3. Cllr Kerr asked that the Parish Website be discussed at next month’s meeting.
  4. Clerk reported that the planning appeal with regard to Maxey House had been refused by PCC Planning Department.
  5. Cllr Hiller had recently asked Cllr Thompson if he and colleagues would be interested in visiting Fletton Quays. Clerk to confirm our interest.

The meeting closed at 08.45pm

Date of Next meeting    8th January 201


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