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Agenda for meeting to be held on 11th June 2019


You are hereby summoned to attend the Parish Council meeting of the Deeping Gate Parish Council on Tuesday 11th June 2019 at 7.30pm at the Northborough  and Deeping Gate Village Hall.  Members of the Public and the Press are invited to attend

There will then be an open forum lasting a maximum of 15 minutes to permit residents to address the Council before the meeting is formally opened (which will be at the closing of the Open Forum at 7.45pm, whichever is the sooner).  Members of the public are welcome to stay for the meeting with the exception of any closed session, but they may not speak on any matter after the public meeting is closed.


107/19  Chairman’s welcome

108/19  Apologies           Cllr Hudspeth, L George (Parish Clerk) and Cllr Kerr

109/19  Open Forum –    Open for questions by the public – 15 minutes

110/19  Declarations of Interest

111/19  Minutes from previous meeting held on 14th May 2019

112/19  Clerk’s Update on points of action from previous meeting (to be read by Chair)

113/19  Correspondence  None

114/19  Finance

  1. Data Protection fee to Information Commissioners Office – after completing the on-line assessment the result showed that the Parish Council is under no requirement to pay a fee. However, it states that even if we are exempt, we may still wish to pay a data protection fee.

115/19  Planning – meeting of Planning and Environmental Protection Committee, which is due to be held Tuesday, 11 June 2019 in the Council Chamber.

116/19  Community Issues

  1. Overgrowth of vegetation between 79 and 109 Riverside – Cllr Hill
  2. Village Sign – Cllr Hill
  3. Filling of casual vacancy
  4. Deeping St James Road parking – Cllr Hill

1117/19                Village Matters


Signed                  Lynn George.                           Date 6th June 2019



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